Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Final preparations before the Sojourn

It's hard to believe I'll be paddling on the Schuylkill in less than a week, so I figured it was about time I posted on this blog which I plan to keep from Tuesday through Friday, the duration of my time on the water.
Nice paddle on Hopewell Lake.
I was hoping to do a lot of preparing, including getting out on the water for the first time this season during the past few weeks since learning I was lucky enough to go on the sojourn. Unfortunately, busy days at work that have turned into busy nights at work have not afforded me that opportunity.
I have managed to get some of my gear in order and I'm still hoping to get my kayak on the water once before Tuesday to make sure my new scupper plugs work and I don't have a water-logged backside the entire trip.
For all of you who are going on the sojourn this year and are feeling a little unprepared and like it's approaching more quickly than you've prepared for, don't worry, we're in the same boat.
I will admit, although I'm a bit ashamed of this fact, that I have never kayaked the Schuylkill before. That said, I am looking forward to getting on the water with the rest of the sojourners out there.

If you're someone who has done the trip before and have advice that you can offer, please comment on the blog or email me at
I am wondering about essential things to bring that I might not think of.
On my list of things to pack are bug spray, sunblock SPF Irish American, my tent, sleeping bag, Thermarest, headlamp, all my work equipment, appropriate clothing, rain gear (hoping Murphy's Law will kick in with regard to the rain gear), probably a book and a journal. What other obvious things am I missing?
If you're a fellow first time sojourner, do you have any questions you want answers to? Email or comment, or reach me/follow me on Twitter @I_M_BrandieK.
Is everyone as excited as I am at getting a view of our communities from river level? I hope so.


  1. Might need a water cannon to ward off the Schuylkill Rangers,notorious river pirates,know to frequent the sojourn

  2. Looks like we will have water - but, unfortunately for us who want to camp on Friday night, the rain might be coming at a most inappropriate time! Looks like I will be setting my alarm for 0dark30 on Saturday morning so I can make it to the start by 7:00 am!

  3. Amy and I decided to camp at the Brunner Hotel on Friday night - decided not to take the opportunity to float into the Schuylkill before the start of the sojourn!
    We will see everyone at 7:00 am after our morning Joe made by Mike (our chauffer!!!)
    See you on the river in the morning! (we will be high and dry - how about you?)

  4. Day 4: wondering if the locktender at tonights takeout is really not wearing undies under his kilt while he helps the ladies up the landing, or if thats just SRS lore. Ive heard ofErin Go Brau-less, but thats pushing it. Should be a fine day to paddle happy.