Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Have you ever been to Lock 60?

By Brandie Kessler

Have you ever been to Lock 60?
If you have to think twice about this, you clearly have not been, at least not when Dan Daley is there.

He is a man you don't soon forget.
View of Lock 60 minus sojourners.
Photo by Brandie Kessler

Wearing a utility kilt, Daley, husband of Besty Daley, executive director of the Schuylkill Canal Association, greets all the sojourners as they reach the canal.

We all met him Wednesday evening. I mean, how could we miss him? Daley is clearly passionate about the canal and about making an impression so people come back.

"You're on the sojourn, but now you're on the canal," Daley announced to the sojourners as they waited to pass through the lock. "You're dealing with canal people."

So far as I could tell, canal people are top-notch.

Sojourners waiting in the lock.
Photo by Brandie Kessler

A gorgeous canal-side camping spot, a hot shower, good food, friendly personalities, and even massages provided by Carolyn McDonnell who does massages on her own as well as for Salon Twenty-Two in Lower Pottsgrove.

McDonnell told me she comes out to do the massage because she knows sojourners, especially those who have been paddling since the first day, could use it.
Also, as a volunteer who cares about the canal, the river and getting people out to experience them, she wants to make Lock 60 memorable.
"And, you know Dan (Daley,)" she said, "he wants to make this the best stop ever."

If you want to learn more about Lock 60, stop out for the 30th Annual Canal Day happening June 24. For more information, visit

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