Friday, June 8, 2012

A swift farewell

By Brandie Kessler

I only have a few minutes of battery left on my laptop, and I'm on the shuttle back to West Conshohocken, so this will be quick.
Saying goodbye to all the fellow sojourners is tough, but quick.
Boathouse Row, the end of the sojourners' journey.
Photo by Brandie Kessler

I think the swiftness with which we all came ashore on Boathouse Row and made our way in our respective directions (some of us on the shuttle back to our cars, others headed home with family or friends who came to pick them up.)
Quick meant no long goodbyes, which was a good thing for someone like me.
This may sound crazy to some people, but it's amazing how close you can become to people you've just met when you share an adventure like the sojourn.
Saying goodbye to these people is sad.
The best consolation is that I've made many new friends who I hope to see again soon.

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